aside Financing Infrastructure Projects (Published)

The paper highlights some of the issues being faced by the Indian infrastructure sector and the possible mitigants of the same. Currently, India growth story is the one which the whole world is keenly following with the country poised to become the fastest growing economy in the world. While the world faces issues pertaining to slowing economic growth, dropping oil prices, increasing currency volatility, political pressures emanating from issues related to terrorism among others; Indian story seems to be a bright spot. However, a global economy has come alive in its real sense in the last few years and India seems prone to developments across the world.

With the new political set up in the country and reassuring leadership of the central bank, it is time India takes innovative mechanisms to cater to the ever increasing demand of the most prominent sector of a country’s economic growth – Infrastructure. However, while the country has shown thinking on the right track for the same, prudence should be combined with exuberance to lead the country on a strong growth trajectory.

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