My Memoir to Marine Drive !


Memories- they say are important !

And today I can understand why !

It all started when Tanvi, Siddhi, Hetal, Hashmita and I planned to go to Marine drive after the class, when all of a sudden it was declared that an English class has been added to the scheduled lecture timings, and hence our other regular classes will end 1 hour before its scheduled time of 5 PM.

We were happy and had decided that we will go to Marine drive for half an hour and then disperse for our respective places. But alas! All of a sudden Mr DumbuleDoe ( 🙂 ) comes up and announces that it would be a mandatory class for all of us and we will have to sit in it too !!!

We detested, made faces, and some of us even cursed too, but kept sitting for sometime just to see,  who braves out of the auditorium first, and we were not required to wait for long, as suddenly one comrade out of a pack of 60, broke open the chains of schedules and rules and declared that he plans to leave the class. Hail his bravery !!! 😀

And Voila! We all followed suit in the very next moment itself ………… 😛

The thought that “I will attend the class with the remaining good students” had a sudden painless death in the right hemisphere of my brain  😛

My ever so apparent face couldn’t keep up to the fake show and I quietly slipped off the class last…… The sight of my favorite double decker bus coming across the road on the bus stop suddenly made my guilt conscience disappear and I ran, juggled through the traffic, elbowed the crowd and ran across a fat aunty ( read “lady”), who scorned at me for pushing her, all this hassle to get to the first seat of the second floor of my favorite double decker bus ! 😐

Alas! The seat was already occupied by few of my class comrades ;P , when one of them, popularly known as  Jigar showed the widely forgotten chivalry and asked me if I would want to sit on the seat…. I smiled while thanking him for his offer 😛 and said that I would be alright standing in the bus (though I secretly hoped that he will anyways give me his seat 😀 ) All of a sudden, he stood up with somewhat uncharacteristic speed and asked me to sit on that seat ! I was impressed by his decency and chivalry and quietly sat down on his seat also I was in no mood to take the risk again ! 🙂

As soon as I sat, the thought of calling up my gang crossed my mind. I thought of rebuking them for leaving me behind in the class : P, though obviously it was my own choice to stay back, while they had repeatedly asked me to join them.

I called up Tanvi, but even before I could begin to throw my “over”act on her, she replied calmly ( as she was anyways already well prepared with hers L ) “WHERE WERE YOU? WE HAVE BEEN CALLING YOU UP SO MANY TIMES AND YOU AS USUAL WERE UNREACHABLE? WHAT IS THIS? BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA LA LA LA LA 😉  !!!”

Phew !!!!

Just then I took the reins of my confused horses – “ I KNOW , I KNOW PALLAVI. YOU KNOW HOW THE CLASS IS? WHERE ARE YOU NOW? I WILL JOIN YOU TOO(Though I secretly had thought of rushing to my home after leaving the college) 😛

Just then I could see the queen’s necklace – Mumbai’s ever so charismatic Marine drive approaching clearly before my eyes and I shouted my lungs out to the bus conductor “BHAIYA BUS ROKO, MY FRIENDS ARE WAITING FOR ME AT MARINE DRIVE”, and a chorus in different voices started “ CHALO CHALO, UTARO UTARO, GIRISHMA CHAL YAA” Though she too throwed some tantrums initially, but we threatened her with dire consequences ( god knows what we meant ) and the very next moment, she was following us down to the Marine Drive 😀

In no time we were as many as 20 odd ( or rather even ) people, yelling our lungs out, clicking pictures at marine drive and disturbing ( intentionally ) the love birds around us. 😀

Just then, even before we could plan our adventure, one of our brave comrades decided to jump off the elevated platform at marine drive, on to the tripod shaped stones facing the sea. And within seconds Manan, Ankit, Nayan, Vipul, Kevin, Jayesh were down with each other standing on the stones, with Charun being practically thrown down by Grishma under ( peer ) pressure 😛 .  As soon as Charun jumped off the so called cliff, which I doubt given that three fourth of the height of the cliff was covered by his original height, he bravely went down and declared himself “ I AM NOT A DARPOK, SEE I JUMPED FROM THAT TINY MOUNT EVEREST 😛 “ (I ardently believe that Charun cheated as used his height to his advantage…. He should be made to jump again from a “higher” height this time 😛  )

We all girls were constantly telling the boys to be careful while jumping off that TINY MOUNT EVEREST, when all of a sudden Madam Tanvi says, “ Hey how thrilling it is you know? Should we also do it?

Yeah, I was actually thinking about it too, but was a little scared, but good that you said it, so lets do it now” I said.

Yeah, yeah, first you do it, then I will jump if everything goes alright” said Tanvi….. 😀

Okay, I will try first” and in the very next second, something possessed me and I jumped off that MINI Mount everest. The next thing I realize was the effect of the gravity, as I experienced a free fall and went inside the space between three rocks, each on their three legs, lying there……. All I could hear was my name unanimously called up by everyone……. All I remember was that I was sinking down that pit more and more and then it stopped suddenly with a thud and the smell of wet sand ( and may be some crabs ) ……”Ohh crap(b)” I murmered. As I stopped sinking more, I could barely believe my ears and eyes!!!…….. THE GUYS and THE GALS WERE DISCUSSING ABOUT HOW IT HAPPENED and HOW IT COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED, INSTEAD OF PULLING ME OUT OF THAT PIT 😐

They were shocked and worried and their discussion seemed never unending to the point,  that I had to finally, finally call them from inside the pit “Guys, first take me out of this place” ! Phew !!!!

As soon as I was pulled out, I could see people running with handiplast bandages, with Nayan, Vipul, Manan giving me lessons on being calmhhhhhhhhhh  🙂 with Hashmita, Grishima, Siddhi and Hetal yelling to give those bandages to Charun and Kevin, so that they could put those on my bruises !!! 🙂

Though I was feeling embarrassed on my fall, I felt the urge to  straighten up my new haircut 😀 ,  everybody was trying to calm me down and see if I was alright after that freak accident. All of them were terribly worried, but this worry and this care for one of them brought them together at that point of time – with me and with each other!!!

Well, for me, I enjoyed the jump and also the camaraderie that became more prominent later!

And I ( and my new hairstyle ) enjoyed the attention too !!!!!! 😛

But surely I would never dare to jump again for that attention 😀 ! but that one incident got us closer as friends for sure ! 🙂


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