My First 100 Kilometers Ride



On Thursday, my mobile made the familiar message beep. It was the activity and excitement on our cycling whatsapp group.

So whats the plan for this friday guys?



Lets practice velokushi dude!!

Yeah yeah…. Practice velokushi!!  around 40 unanimous voices joined Ashita kaul…. One of the women lead riders I know!!

Like everytime, this time I didn’t raise my hands in a yes to the ride…. As I never turn up for the actual event and also because people think that the messages on the group are being dropped by some spirit named Tulika Gupta!! So these brave hearts discount me for the rides from the beginning only :@

😮 Assuming it to be a two hours ride, just when it was supposed to start at 9:40 pm, I hastily start messaging everyone 30 minutes before to not leave me behind… Please Please wait for me dude… Ashita dont leave me behind!! Just then to my respite, Vishnu ( mythological identification J ) replied on group that they will be waiting for me at teen haath naaka…..

As soon as I reached home, I threw my bag on the sofa, filled my water bottle….ohh God, there was no air in my bicycle’s front tyre….I quickly took my cycle to the lift and rode it to 100 kms per hour(;-) I too have speed 😛 )  to get the tyres inflated, meanwhile checking my whatsapp messages hoping that some good person will also be late….. Misery loves company B-)

Just then, my phone rang…Tring tring… Tring tring!! Where are you Tulika? On my way…. Still 10 min to reach….. We are waiting at viviana…ohh my God so far, I thought… Just then, I had only reached till teen haath naaka!! Some 6 kms still away from the group!! Hurriedly I gained speed and was on my way. I saw a guy wearing neon green cap (read helmet) , and I understood it could be no one else but my saviour Mr Vishnu (Please identify yourself) 😀
I screeched halt my cycle before him and said LCP? He nodded in affirmative. Me too LCP!! Good!! Lets go 😀

But oops what just happened, the guy with the neon cap just vanished somewhere and a bus and a couple of more vehicles passed by so fast that I really felt that I would had lost my balance (If I wasn’t smart enough to manoeuvre it 😛 ), just when few fellow riders sped up to my right to cover my riding style on the road 😛 ….. I am scared, I said !! ….Don’t be !! Its okay !! You will be allright !! And I peddled my way up with them to Viviana where rest of the gang was waiting…. J

Around 4 more people joined us from nowhere and we fast drove our bicycles to viviana to find 10 odd people joining us on the way, to a few more and few more and few more!!  It was just becoming so awesome and more awesome and more awesome and on and on!! Where were these people coming from, which direction!!  The group was just all suddenly becoming bigger and bigger by the time we reached viviana mall…

Tring tring… Tring tring !!…ohh Ashita’s number!! Vishnu saying to me,  who is it? Guess Ashita, I said, just ask her where is she and tell her to come to bla bla junction… Hey Ashita, I have reached here, have 20 odd people with me waiting for u guys! U wait there, m coming!! B-)

Just then I saw another girl with her rockrider 500 standing around me… We smiled and I said hi, I am Tulika!  Priyanka here!!  Chuckling and smiling!!  The next moment, it was we three girls and some 30 boys on to our trip to 100 kms ride…. B-) and I knew it shall be one great experience for me, the excitement and energy in the air was just so refreshing !!!

To be continued…… 🙂 [Please subscribe for more updates 🙂 ]



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