The Second thing !

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-14 at 08.27.56

It just happens!

All of a sudden you find yourself walking on the right side of the road. All your training of always keeping to your left gets washed off from the innermost spirit of the body, once you see the speed of the cars and killing machines running around you at top speeds, not in kms/hours, but in miles/hours.  Just to remind you (1 mile = 1.60934 kms — around one and a half times more 😛 and the average speed of cars on highways being 60-80 miles/hour)

You won’t hear the shrilling horns on the road, but the killing swirls of the air passing through you with the moving of these giant fast machines.

And the remotest thought of those — automatically pushes you to start walking on the right side of the lane, and you find yourself walking only in the extreme corners of the pavement especially designed for saving your life around those giants.

It is amazing to understand, that even a pedestrian walking wrongly on the road can also get a ticket here. (Known as “J” walking and in many other ways too)

But here in this country, everyone is made to feel special in some or the other way. Even a pedestrian has crossings and lanes especially booked for him/her, where any vehicle would have to stop in case the pedestrian wants to walk by.

I have seen roads being reserved for moving vehicles, but never such a privilege is given to a person who doesn’t own one!!!



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