Shringaar !



Shringaar has a lot of associations in Indian culture.

Getting married is a very big decision in any girl’s life. And marriage in Indian culture comes with a lot more associations and implications with it, than it just looks!

Like any other Parents, Parents with a girl child, also hope to see her happy and successful in her life. They birth her, educate her, play with her, feed her from their own hands, bear her tantrums, sail her through the ups and downs of her life and career, and then ready her for her “The day”. This is the way the society likes to call it, – her –  ” The day”.

But it is not just her’s, it’s the “The day” of her Parents too.

Have you every imagined as a little girl, playing with your cousins, and suddenly asked for your Barbie. You don’t want to give, but you give it because your Mommy asked you to share, you give up on it and give your barbie to your cousin with two kinds of feelings.

You grow up to a fine Barbie one day, the society assumes her role and your Parents become that little child this time, who is robbed off her Barbie!!! and she can’t do anything!!! She has to share!!!! Because the society in its assumed role and righteousness thinks that it is correct that way and she does that with two kinds of feelings too!!!

Parents throughout ensure to beautify every aspect of their child thereon like the way they had till now for her. A girl’s marriage is the hardest and the happiest part of her Parent’s life.

Shringaar of a girl is not just done on the day she gets married, but it starts the day she is born and bestowed on her in the various forms of care, love, education and rights provided to her.

Everything else is just objectification!!!! But it gets the most focus!!!!

Why only for the fairer sex?!!!











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